Who We Are

Dance is the heart and sole (see what I did there?) of everything that I do, and has been since I was three years old. I grew up dancing my entire life, studied at one of the best programs in the nation (bear down!), and am a dance teacher and a former studio owner.

I met my husband when he was doing recital photos for the studio that I was working for while in college. Since then, I’ve learned a crazy amount about the photo industry, and how great of a revenue stream it can be.

As a former studio owner, I am painfully aware of the stress that recital photos can put on studio owners, teachers and parents. The scheduling, costuming, posing, and all the time and energy that goes into it can seem like a waste when your photo company keeps all of the profit. It’s nice to have the photos for promotional purposes, but wouldn’t it be nice if your studio could actually get paid for all the work they do?

We are here to disrupt the industry! What if I told you that it’s possible to set your pricing and keep at least 50% of your photo profits? How excited would that make you? This is not a joke, or a pyramid scam. This is a real solution with real results, that can help make your recitals and photo days more profitable!

Our system streamlines the picture day process, from beginning to end. No slates, no guessing games with backdrops and lighting, and hassle free photo fulfillment. The best part? It's SO easy that anyone on your staff could do it. I promise, this is not too good to be true!

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