This is an interesting idea, but what is the profit margin?

  • That's the beauty of this system! YOU set your profit margins based on product cost, so you are in full control on what you make.

What gets mailed to me before the event?

  • You receive a full set up with includes a group backdrop, camera, lights, umbrellas, light stands, and a laptop that will run our program seamlessly. We have a method to show you were to place all the lighting and camera equipment, so there's no guessing game.

What is the turnaround time for product?

  • We know that turnaround time is one of the biggest frustrations for both studio owners and their families. Turnaround time is dependent on product offerings and background choices. The average turnaround time from picture day to customer delivery is 2 weeks.

Is there a book of poses for teachers and students to choose from?

  • We give you as many tools as we can to help make your picture day a success. Part of your membership includes a "look book" of poses that we recommend for the best photos! It can be downloaded and printed directly from your client portal.

How Many Poses can I offer?

  • You have complete control of how many poses you offer your dancers in each costume. Our advice? Keep it simple! 1-2 poses are your best option for a fast and enjoyable picture day.

Are we able to do action shots?

  • Yes, we will train you on both posed and action shot photography within our program.

I'm nervous about making my own picture day schedule, how should I set it up?

  • One of our professional and enthusiastic DIY consultants will be by your side through this process to make sure your picture runs smoothly, and is as stress-free as possible for you!

Do I have to go through all the photos after the fact and pick the best ones?

  • NO! One of the BEST parts of our system, is the best photos are chosen on the spot during picture day! That means hours of time saved on your end!

Can I set up a trial picture day to see if this is a good fit for me?

  • We recommend at 50/50 picture day to start, if you are unsure about the service. It allows you to see what our company is all about, without a huge investment on your end. Contact us today to find out more!

Do you offer different styles and colors of backdrops?

  • We have access to whatever color or style you need or want! Just ask, and we'll see what we can do to make it happen for you!

How much is equipment rental per set up?

Is the consultant fee included in the membership fee for the first time for DIY? Will they be there for the entire day or just a short time?

  • Yes, a consultant will ALWAYS be at the first event for the entire time to ensure it runs smoothly, answer any questions and to help with any training.

Will we be responsible for creating our own order forms, packages, etc and setting our prices based on the pricing you provided?

  • DIY will create all the order forms for you, and also set up an online ordering system for parents as well. You can choose to do paper order forms, or make everyone order online. We have great guidance for packages and pricing and will always work with you to ensure you are getting a good return, but at the end of the day, it’s totally up to you what you want to offer and how much you want to offer it for.

Do our customers pay us directly for the DIY option, will we collect order forms, calculate what needs to be ordered and then submit an order to you for downloads that we need?

  • All orders will go through DIY, regardless of what option you choose. You’ll receive a Check/ACH of your profits. There’s also a comprehensive breakdown on the client portal that will show you exactly who purchased what.